Rocket Elastic Startup Accelerator – MVP in weeks not months

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Rocket Elastic was started by an Entrepreneur that left the corporate world behind to create some exciting new apps.  I found that my experience in business allowed me to execute faster than other startups.  

Founders do what you are good at.  Leave coding, UX and MVP development to Rocket Elastic and launch an MVP site in 6 weeks.

Rocket Elastic is opinionated on what is a “good idea” and will only take on projects that fit our definition of a good idea.  We work passionately and need to feel the marketplace need for your idea.

We will consult on your idea and help you define the scope of your MVP.  Then once that is complete we can code it in 4 phases with weekly demos.  You can make incremental changes as the design process is taking place as profound ideas sometimes change from ideation to working product.

In the end you get a marketable product to start your future empire!